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You entered the Bridgeport dialect of Numu (Northern Paiute) and water in English

paa'a, n.



  • boockaytway paa'a hanenna "collect water in a bucket" (Spoken by Edith McCann)
  • ewa'yoo paa'a "a lot of water" (Spoken by Grace Dick)
  • meeddu paa'away nasaanna "meat boiled in water" (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • paa'a "water" (Spoken by Grace Dick)
  • paa'a "water" (Spoken by Morris Jack)
  • paa'a "water" (Spoken by Edith McCann)
  • paa'a "water" (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • paa'a dduudzunna "icicle" (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • paa'a ewa kemmanna "flood" (Spoken by Edith McCann)
  • paa'a noyodu "water snake" (Spoken by Grace Dick)
  • paa'a paydda "collect water" (Spoken by Edith McCann)
  • paa'a pununudu "lake" (Spoken by Grace Dick)
  • paa'away "in the water" (Spoken by Morris Jack)
  • paa'away matsaka "dip hand in water" (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • paa'away matsaka "dip hand in water" (Spoken by Edith McCann)
  • paa'awaytu tonegapu "water lily" (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • paba'yoo paa'a "big water" (Spoken by Morris Jack)
  • Oka passagguhoose yise tukabbumma o hubbu paa'amma yise o hanehoose.
    After it's dried, you sprinkle water over the flour.
    (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • Paa'amma ookabaggway mooweahoose yise sukoo o pesa hane osoo a mooweahoose yise ka tu mimma yise sukoo tukabamma yise oo gguddenna ka toohooggweddadu ma'wo'neggwunay'ay.
    You sprinkle the flour with water, and when it gets good with your hand you have to clean the flour, brushing the black stuff away.
    (Spoken by Madeline Stevens)
  • Ki ewa'yoo paa'a hooodu.
    There's not a lot of water (going through there).
    (Spoken by Grace Dick)

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